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Gaming Memories: Firsts and Fails

**This is an old post from my old blog, but I’d like to actually write more on the subject as I’d intended to when I originally wrote it – so here it is again!**

I’ve opened up the “new post” tab for this blog so many times over the past few weeks and have achieved nothing but a sore head from overthinking and a possible tea addiction. All I knew was that I wanted to write something, but could someone else do the thinking for me please? Thankfully, Twitter came to the rescue and when I saw this post over at Roboheartbeat, I stole her idea was inspired to check out the video game blog challenge myself!

Of course, one look at the list tells me that it’s very Tumblr specific. I certainly won’t be able to create an entire blog post based on my current gaming wallpaper on my laptop… unless, of course, you’d like to read a page of OMG CULLEN FROM DRAGON AGE I HEART HIM SO MUCH.

I’ll be giving some of the list a miss, or putting a few together into one post, and I certainly won’t be blogging every day because that’s ridiculous. But I did think it’d be a nice way to talk more about my gaming experiences and encourage me to use this blog a wee bit more. And I PROMISE that I won’t just gush about Dragon Age constantly, as tempting as that is.

So, my first game. I’ve started with a bit of a tricky one because I’m actually not 100% sure which game was my absolute first. When I was a kid, my mum was, for whatever reason, completely against getting me a console despite my constant whinging for one. I think my dad felt a bit sorry for me and one day, came home with a Mac version of the first Tomb Raider game, along with a printed out version of the guide (I’m still not sure if my mum agreed to this, or if she even knows about it to this day). I remember reading the name Lara Croft and thinking “there are others out there!”, but I wasn’t all that thrilled about the game itself because I wanted a PlayStation, dammit. However, fast forward a few weeks and I had spent an obscene amount of time running around Lara’s house, swan diving off things, and jumping around our back garden pretending to shot birds (when mum was out, of course). And then this happened, still my favourite gaming memory so far…

The other contender for my very first video game experience is, again, based on my dad rebelling against my mother’s ridiculous rules. I spent the occasional afternoon as a child hanging around my dad’s office and to keep me occupied, he sat me in front of one of the computers and booted up this:

Lemmings didn’t quite have the same impact on me as Tomb Raider did, but when it comes to my very first gaming fail, this one takes it for sure. I did not understand the concept one bit. I failed the first level after running out of time because I sat clicking all across the screen, inwardly screaming “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING?”, far too proud to ask my dad what the objective of the bloody thing was (although you’ve got to wonder why he didn’t explain it to his young daughter – I think he was just as dense as I was). After countless lemming murders, I did eventually figure it out, and my afternoons spent at dad’s office were boring no more.

Tomb Raider and Lemmings: I’ve got no idea which came first, but they were both instrumental in creating my love for video games to this day, albeit in very different ways.

Anyone else care to share their first gaming memories? Hit me up, yo.

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