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Goals for 2018.

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🔲 Figure out what I want to start creating & selling, and set up an online shop again

Years and years ago, I had an online shop called ‘Lara’s Theme’ on Etsy, in which I sold various geek-inspired items made from felt: from Marvel pin badges to Studio Ghibli cuddly toys. I think I’ve grown as a crafter, and although I’m still not 100% sure what I’d like to start selling if I were to open another shop, I do think I’d have a better handle on what owning a small, online business would involve. Last time, I was very overwhelmed when the shop actually became somewhat popular, and hearing that little cha-ching! noise going off on my Etsy app went from making me excited, to making me groan, wondering how I was going to fit another order in on top of university and looking after a young kid.

Now, I know not to take on more than I can handle. I’m going to look at items I can make easily, in batch, and only offer the bigger, more time-consuming items when I know I have the time to honour the orders. More on this coming soon…

🔲 Go vegan

As I’m writing this, I’ve completed week one and it’s going brilliantly. It hasn’t been anywhere near as time-consuming or expensive as I’d worried about, I feel less sluggish, my achy joints seem to have become not so achy (might be a total coincidence, I’m not claiming veganism cures all), and – this might sound strange coming from someone who is in no way spiritual – I just feel generally ‘at peace’, knowing that I’m not contributing to harm to animals as much as I possibly can. More on why I decided to go vegan here.

🔲 Start blogging again

I’ve always loved blogging: I’ve gone from being a mummy blogger, to a geek blogger, to trying multiple times to start up a personal blog with no success whatsoever (mainly due to laziness and/or life crazy-ness). I’m going to give it a real shot this year, mainly to document my transition to a totally new way of living, my attempt to start selling online again, but also anything else I fancy writing about; being a girl with many interests, I’m not going to try to limit myself here, so I might go from writing about the pain animals go through, to gushing over the newest game I’ve fallen in love with.

I’ll aim for one blog post a week, but we’ll see how it goes.

🔲 Find exercise that works for me

Fairly self-explanatory. I love yoga and I’m going to try and keep it up this year, but having issues with my feet joints (long story) makes some of the positions really difficult. Running is another thing I’d like to try, but then I start worrying about my knee pain and will it make it that worse?

Can you see a pattern here? I have all the excuses under the sun, and while they are genuine problems I don’t think they’re helped at all by being under-active, so I’m going to really push myself this year.

🔲 Start planning wedding (finally…)

Mostly so people can stop asking us if we’ve set a date yet, really… I got engaged in October 2016, so I guess the planning is long over-due, but I firmly believe there’s no point in rushing into planning a wedding when you’re not 100% sure about what you want. My mind changes all the time – although I’m pretty sure we want something outdoorsy. We shall see!

🔲 Get involved in animal rights activism

The health benefits of going vegan have been in the news a lot this month due to Veganuary, which is great, but my main reasons for going vegan are the ethics and the environment, two things I believe the public in general are mostly in the dark about. I’d love to add my voice to the many trying to get that message across, and join some form of group this year who’ll help me do that.

🔲 Challenge myself & raise money for charity

Be that a run, or a long-distance walk, or a climb, or even a twenty-four challenge, I really want to do something for a charity I believe in this year. What that charity is and what I’ll do, I’ve yet to decide – but it’s definitely one of my goals for 2018.

Do you have any goals for this year, or any tips to help me achieve my goals? Let me know!

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